Things We’re Lovin This Spring // Dame Traveler

Things We’re Lovin This Spring // Dame Traveler

Spring is here and we’re excited for Spring adventures and all of the beautiful things that we’re lovin right now. Read along to check then

Danner Boots

There are no better hiking boots than Danner Boots with so many stylish options and colors, the boots are incredibly well made and the best part? They make the boots right here in the United States which makes them a bit on the pricier side but they do last a long time so you won’t be disappointed if you invest in these. 


I went from winning best hair in middle school to losing the bulk  of my long brown thick hair in my 20’s from severe depression and anxiety so my journey to healthier and  thicker hair over the years has been a long one but I am happy to say that with the help of therapy, learning new habits and coping mechanisms, eating healthier and using  Nutrafol, I have noticed a huge difference and I get so excited when I see the baby hairs because I know my hair getting healthier.  Nutrafol works as long as you’re committed to taking all 4 capsules (they’re not difficult ot swallow at all), and taking them for a long period of time, consistently.

Rossano Ferretti Products

With so many hair products out there claiming to be “clean” it’s hard to tell what’s real and what actually works but the products made by Rossano Ferretti Products are a dream and they do actually work. The scent is also incredible. My hair tends to be super oily so I love their Rossano Ferretti Scalp Scrub that I use a few times a month and it helps to remove the  impurities, excess oils, product build-up & dead skin.

St. Roche

We love this perfect soft corduroy set by St. Roche which is the perfect transition outfit for the season. The joggers are your are elevated but comfy and the matching vest is a gorgeous fit.


I’ve been living in the Cloud Dress by LNA because its the cutest and most comfortable dress, perfect for an easy spring day and/or travel, as the fabric is incredibly soft. For a sexier and more elevated look, I love the Lorelei Dress with cutouts.


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